All Is Well will remind you to appreciate the finer things in life

After earning applause for questioning social and religious stereotypes in OMG-Oh My God, director Umesh Shukla tackles family relationships in producers Bhushan Kumar and Varun Bajaj’s All Is Well.The director is happy to have on board the dream cast -Abhishek Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor, Asin and Supriya Pathak Kapur -that he had envisioned at the scripting stage.Says Abhishek, “ As soon as I heard the script, I knew this movie deserved to be made. I came home that day and hugged my parents. This film will remind you to appreciate the finer and more important things in life.“


Adds Rishi Kapoor, “It’s a beautiful story about how a dysfunctional family gets caught in a confusing situation. Their issues catch up with them while they are on the run.“


Reiterating that the film is relevant as the generation gap is getting wider, Asin says, “We loved the message the film gives. I hope it is appreciated as it has everything you want in a perfect family entertainer.“


Supriya believes, “The story of this reel life family will appeal to most real families.“


Umesh says, “Besides tackling the theme of families and their complexities, the film also addresses the generation gap. I’ve always wanted my movies to make a difference. Besides making the audience laugh, I expect this one stays with them for a long time to come.“


All Is Well, produced by T-Series and Allchemy Film Productions, releases today.


Katrina Kaif plays a Parsi girl for the first time in Phantom

Katrina Kaif plays a Parsi girl for the first time in Phantom

Phantom is an action thriller set against the backdrop of 2611. Katrina being one of the most stylish and beautiful actresses we have, we wondered what made Kabir Khan cast her in such a tough, non-glamourous environment.Talking to Kabir, we found our answer. Kabir started as a documentary filmmaker in many confront zones (be it Afghanistan, Bosnia, Israel and such), during which time he interacted with a lot of aid workers and journalists.He saw that intelligence agencies tend to recruit people from such aid agencies as one, they tend to get visas easier and two, they usually get access to areas which many a time others don’t get access to. So he decided to model her character in Phantom based on these aid workers.

Her character is London based who has spent time all over the world. He wanted a certain international feel to her character and therefore, based on her physicality and persona, she fit the role perfectly. Interestingly , she is playing a Parsi Indian girl. She is part of an international aid network and gets recruited in the mission to avenge Mumbai and bring retribution for 2611.


Suniel Shetty and Salman Khan have not just grown up together, but have entered and grown in the film industry together. They share an extremely special bond that has remained unchanged for almost three decades. Both Salman and Suniel have a reputation of being large-hearted men, who have stood by their friends, irrespective of hits and flops. For Suniel, it’s a dream launch for his daughter Athiya Shetty to be launched by his friend and the biggest superstar of the country Salman Khan in his upcoming production Hero.Excerpts from the first ever conversation with Suniel Shetty about Athiya and her launch.


Your daughter Athiya will be debuting in Nikhil Advani’s Hero. What is the feeling like?

It’s a mixed feeling. I am nervous and at the same time, I am happy .

Nervousness and worry come from a father’s point of view. But happy , as she is a girl and I was very keen that she should follow her dream and she is doing what she wanted to. Nervous, as I have been in the industry for 26 years and I have seen it hurts when even today someone says that his films are not working na? It’s not the end of the world for me as I have always been someone who is upto something or the other and I have always kept my confidence level high, but I fear the Friday monster for her.

Times have clearly changed from the time you debuted to when Athiya is debuting. Do you find a difference?

First of all, when I began I was comfortable as I had 20-30 films under my belt even before my first release happened. I had so many films on the floor that there was so much hedging, and dependence on any one film was much lesser than it is now. And what did you depend on? You depended on a minimum amount of publicity and word of mouth. If there was a hoarding or two, it was considered huge.Distributors controlled the business and could tell you before release what kind of business they expected. Today it’s completely different and it has become a game of positioning and marketing, it’s the banner that is important, it’s the director that is important, the co-stars, everything is important. Somewhere down the line, you are very safe if you have chosen the right film.

Except Salman Khan, actors today are very comfortable as other than him, everybody is working with people who are as successful or even more successful than them, be it the producer, the director or the rest of the star cast. They choose good people and therefore, end up with a good film. Salman always chose his films the way he wanted to. The subject was what he believed in, the director could be new, the banner could be a friend’s.He helped build banners and directors. This is what used to happen earlier too. A young assistant would come to us and say , `Sir I want to make a film.’ We would sit with them, share an emotion with them and that emotion went beyond that one film. There is a big difference in relationships today .Today , it’s more transaction than friendship. You need someone for a particular reason and you will keep continuing that relationship till you need him or her. For instance, as a director, you give one brilliant film, but as soon as the next film doesn’t work, you will suddenly see people running away from you. I feel it’s like a sugar cane machine, be it for any talent or director, once you put it through the grind and it’s out, it’s out.That’s why the shelf life of an actor is very limited now, unless he is extremely talented or if he is doing such few films that he lasts out a little longer.

What is Athiya like?

As a baby , she was papa’s chamcha and was very close and attached to me, which she still is. She was stuck to me during the day right through the evenings. While growing up, she was a very nervous girl.Even if I said Athiya a little strongly in a different tone and look, she would be bawling and become nervous. I then saw a change in her after she got out of Class X and I suddenly saw this confidence in her. Now we are more friends but she is still stressed and anxious as a person with anything she does.She is a very confident girl but at the same time, extremely harsh on herself when it came to her education and now in her work. Even today when she will shoot, she will come back to me and say , `I don’t think my interview was right, I don’t think my photographs were right’. Even after the same is released, she will keep feeling a need for improvement. I believe that too, but it will mess you up in the long run. She is not satisfied easily . In the long run, you will carry your work home. She has done a single shot X number of times, the director has approved it, but she will still come home and say , `I am not happy . They are not giving me enough time. Why are boys treated differently than girls?’ First thing in the morning she would call her director Nikhil Advani and say , `Sir, I need to shoot it again’. And he would always say to her, `I have never said no to you’, but she starts building up these stories in her mind and hassling herself. And when she is hassled, both me and Mana are hassled. I have always told her, `Don’t get your work home.’ She’s got the best launch with the kind of banner, the love and the support from the media. I tell her if I tell you the story of the 135 films that I have been through and if I would have got it home, I don’t think there would have been a home left.

But on the face of it, Athiya seems so poised and in control.

She is extremely emotional when it comes to people that matter to her.And that credit goes more to her mother and the simplicity of her grandparents she lives with. When she comes back home, it’s a complete reality check. Athiya breaks down very easily when it comes to health of the family , for instance the health of my father. For me, my daughter has always been very special. My father told me when he was running his restaurant. I have two sisters and he could not afford a foreign education for all three of us so he told me, `Beta, I may not be able to send you abroad to study because I don’t have that kind of money , but I need to educate my daughters as you never know what this world is coming to. They should go and stand on their own feet. You can manage with hard work.’ So I studied at HR college in Mumbai and both my sisters were sent abroad. One of my sisters lost her husband at a very young age at just 36, lives with us today , but when she lost her husband, she could bring up her children only because of that education. Every word of my father keeps ringing in my ears. If that was not the case, what would she have done as a widow? I told Athiya, `Do what you want to’. I don’t care what the com munity says about her wanting to be an actress.

What made you cry at the trailer launch of Hero?

From Athiya’s point of view, they were tears of joy . But I cried because of Sooraj Pancholi. They were emotions of a father to a 20year-old. You know for a fact that he is innocent. One can say what you want, but he is 100% innocent. And even when the word `Sir’ comes out of his mouth or he talks to me, he is someone who has seen a lot in his life. Jail, even the thought of jail breaks me and imagine a kid with the biggest criminals of the country , just being dumped in. Salman saw my tears when he saw me and I know he connected with me. He knew exactly why I was crying. He knew it was not Athiya, it was due to Sooraj.

Salman Khan is launching Athiya as she is your daughter. What does that mean for you?

Very few know or understand the relationship Salman and I share that goes back 25-30 years. We were both struggling together to get our first break. He got a break first and would carry my pictures everywhere wherever he went, so that I too could get a break. His father spoke so highly about me to whoever and everyone he met. Salman may have got his break earlier, but I got it easier because of him. I used to run this store called Mischief at Warden Road and he was a regular there. Jackie Shroff and he were both big stars and they would both visit the store not only because we carried good stuff, but there was an emotion. Salman would keep telling people I picked this from Suniel’s store with the thought that I should get business.Jackie dada would come and sit on the stairs of the store. He didn’t need to. The world would have given him clothes. But dada came to the store only so that I should get business. He and Salman are people who would not do this for themselves. But because it was me, he would sit on the steps, Salman would stand outside so that people would know that he was a customer. Salman is definitely launching Athiya as she is my daughter.Because nobody launches anybody without seeing a single frame, photograph or even meeting Athiya.Reshma Shetty said it, she suited the role and he said, `Brilliant.’ He called me and asked me, `Is she keen on it?’ I said, `Yes’ and every time I say , `Thank you’, he says, `Please don’t say thank you’. As a father, you want the best launch for your daughter. Salman launching her is more than me launching her.It’s beautiful.

Barefoot in office

Going barefoot in office can be stress busting

Unlace those keds, take off the work heels or party stilettos and try what a large population of runners across the globe are adhering to in races and con tests… they’re going bare on the feet with a vengeance! Rihanna was spotted walking barefoot on a street in New York and closer to home, there’s no better example of the trend than the late painter, MF Husain. Based on the hypothesis that it is the most natural state for the foot, folks are increasingly removing the shoes at the gym, while run ning and in offices too! Kicking off your shoes under your desk at work may improve your creativity , say experts. “The idea lies in the mind. It’s about a sense of freedom so you automatically start to unwind,“ says life coach Nitasha Shah. For those with a painful back, taking off the heels for a while at the office can also reduce foot exhaustion and lessen pain. Amanda Levete Architects, London, has a barefoot work policy where clients have to leave their shoes outside and they can put their feet up on the sofas! Finnish startup `Supercell’ also follows a similar policy.


Running enthusiast from Seattle, Ted McDonalds advo cates the need for going back to the basics to get rid of ail ments. Earlier, he used to run in shoes but his back problem surfaced. After various shoe options did not help, he decided to simply walk barefoot.

He found this did not hurt him. This start ed his journey into the barefoot world.

Sankara Subramanian, an associate professor at IIT Madras, has decided to give up his shoes while running because he feels he is less injury prone while going barefoot and actor Milind Soman is known to do city marathons minus the footwear.


While some find the idea gross and insanitary, an author who is an expert on the subject, says, the shoe may be the cause of most of the foot problems which might be prevented by going barefoot. While pollution or road conditions may not permit one to go barefoot in Mumbai, walking on the grass that way might be a solution. Earthing, or walking barefoot on soil, is said to make one feel better instantly, reduce inflammation and aid sleep. Orthopedic expert Dr Noshir Hadvaid says, “So many foot problems today like swollen heels, bunions, etc, are caused due to tight shoes. Wearing them for long hours strains the foot muscles and makes ligaments weak.“


Upcoming thriller film Phantom – Interview of kabir Khan

Lashkar-e-Taiba is a terrorist organisation, not Pakistan: Kabir Khan
Even after six years of Mumbai going down on its knees during the 2611 attacks, India continues to seek justice.Except for Ajmal Kasab, a foot soldier brainwashed into doing what he did, the masterminds are still roaming freely and have not been brought to book. Kabir Khan, through his upcoming thriller Phantom, attempts to provide a sense of catharsis and a sense of closure to Indians, even though only in a fictional world. The killing of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad provided a sense of closure to the Americans after 911.Phantom is based on the well-researched book `Mumbai Avengers’ by S Hussain Zaidi and is a story of how a few Indian commandos become undercover agents, tracking down and killing the four masterminds behind the 2611 attacks. While the name of the terrorist organisation, Lashkar-eTaiba has been retained in the film, some of the names of the masterminds have been altered. Excerpts from a conversation with the Kabir Khan, the director of the film:


What is Phantom about?

It’s an edge-of-the-seat action thriller set against the backdrop of the 2611 attack that has been an open wound for the Indian pysche. Every time an incident happens, the Indian audience feels very helpless. Seeing Mumbai go down on its knees for those 60 hours, 2611 was the most humiliating attack for us as a nation and yet, no one has tried bringing the masterminds of the attacks to book, except for Ajmal Kasab who was just a pawn, a Pakistani boy, a foot soldier brainwashed to do what he did. So in a sense, Hussain’s book plays out in our imagination as Indians, hoping that what happens in the book and now in the film, could happen in real life, where the masterminds of the attacks (Harris Saeed modelled on Hafiz Saeed, David Headley, Sajid Mir and Sabahuddin Umavi modelled on Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi) are brought to justice by killing them.

The book is a bit cold. Is the film different?

While the film is based on the book, it’s extremely emotional. The emotion comes from two characters that we have created in Pakistan (one of them being Shekhar Kapur’s sister Sohaila), who form a relationship with Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif ‘s characters and how they too join their mission and become instrumental in it.Sohaila is playing a Pakistani widow, whose son too becomes a suicide bomber by being brainwashed by Lashkar-eTaiba. The common man in Pakistan too wants to get rid of these elements.

India holds the perception of being a peace-loving country. Doesn’t this film go against that?

Yes, that’s our country’s ideology . But this is a film, that is in some way living out the fantasy of a lot of people in this country .Having said that, it is in no way saying that this is what India should do as there are many other reasons and that counterpoint is also present in the film as to why India, in reality , does not do it. We have never believed in vigilante justice.We have never gone into this cowboy kind of adventure that America does. Also, there is a certain balance of power in the sub-continent since both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers and so, any kind of adventure can create a further loss of lives.

What is your personal view on this matter?

I sometimes do feel I wish I could see such a scenario being played out, but I also understand the larger ramifications, so also understand that this kind of adventure can only be carried out in cinema and not in real life.

We have already seen reports of Lashkar-e Taiba chief Hafiz Saeed asking for the film to be banned in Pakistan. Do you see this film arousing more emotions?

It’s an anti terrorism film, not anti any country film. I firmly believe that terrorism is badly affecting both countries. Pakistanis are suffering as much as we are. It hurts the common man on both sides of the border equally . For the 5,000 people that we have lost, they have lost 50,000. And yes, 2611 is a huge scar on our psyche, but can you imagine what Peshawar attacks must be for them, where many children have been shot by these terrorists? And people who say that this can be an anti-Pakistan film means that they feel that Lashkar-e-Taiba represents Pakistan. Lashkar-e-Taiba is a terrorist organisation and not Pakistan. So people of Pakistan cannot be held responsible for the actions of a terrorist organisation.

Talk about working with Saif Ali Khan?

Saif is an actor who I have wanted to work with for a long time. I find in him the optimum blend of a star and an actor. I really admire him as an actor and this film needed that, as this film could not be weighed down by the personality of a huge star. He plays an Indian courtmartialled ex-commando, who a certain part of the establishment reaches out to due to his existing training required for this mission. Personally , Saif and I got along really well. He reads a lot and is thus very aware of the world around him. He is in that sense not at all insular. He loves engaging in long conversations about an issue and a good evening for him is about having long conversations on an issue. I too like that. Also, we both love travelling so we would exchange notes. He was overall just a very pleasant presence on the set.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan has crossed `300 crores. Does the result of Phantom at the box office worry you?

I don’t think we can carry the burden of numbers on every film as then, there would be only one kind of film that we all should be making. The point is that if you want to make different kinds of films, you have to let go of that burden. There are always some kinds of films that will appeal to a wider audience and there are certain kinds of films that will appeal to a more restricted audience. Phantom will appeal to this restricted audience in a big way . We have been true to the story and the story has dictated its treatment. It’s a thriller with a new age treatment made for an audience that is exposed to international cinema, but dealing with an extremely evocative issue that will touch a chord with every Indian. Every film need not entertain you with just song and dance, it can entertain you by engaging you and Phantom does just that.

I would say that Phantom has the edginess of a Zero Dark Thirty with a larger-than-life story of a Blood Diamond.

It’s a good blend of the two.


Do you have what it takes to be the next Miss Diva?

The winner of Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva 2015 will represent India at Miss Universe
Lara Dutta is back with her search for that one extraordinary Indian girl, who has the right attitude, panache, beauty and confidence, to bring the celebrated Miss Universe crown to the country yet again. This year, the Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva 2015 pageant begins its incredible journey across 10 cities, starting with Kolkata on August 16.Auditions will then take place in Lucknow, Indore, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bengaluru, culminating in the final round in Mumbai.After the exciting debut last year, Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva 2015 Version 2.0 will be even more thrilling this year with elevated quotients of beauty, glamour and poise. Hosted and mentored by the glamorous Lara (Miss Universe 2000), the sensational reality TV series redefines beauty and fashion. It will be aired on Romedy Now with delayed telecasts on Zoom, giving the pageant an unparalleled television presence. The journey will witness a higher level of competition with an all new set of panelists and judges, who will select the best of the best. There will also be eliminations with each task.

Yamaha Fascino Yamaha Fascino has partnered with the pageant as the title sponsor as it reflects the spirit of freedom and the desire to go beyond conventional boundaries. The brand aims to fascinate the youth by fulfilling their life with products and services under the concept Fascino. Gemfields, the world’s leading producer of ethical rare coloured gemstones has come on board as the crown and gems partner. The pageant this year is associated with names like Rocky Star, Gavin Miguel, Raakesh Agarvwal, Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna, Nidhi Munim, and Komal Sood amongst others, who will take the fashion quotient a notch higher for the finalists during various tasks like rampwalk, photo rampwalk, photo shoot, perfect body , communication skills and much more.

Contestants must be between 18-27 years of age (under 27 years as of Feb ruary 1, 2015), 5’5“ and taller, single not engaged and unmarried. She should also be an Indian passpor holder OCI NRI. To apply , log on to Mail your pictures and profiles to missindiaorganization



Rishi Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan are playing father and son in Umesh Shukla’s upcoming film All Is Well. But when you catch up with the duo watching television in the former’s vanity van and hear the comments they pass, you get a hint of their effortless chemistry . It is almost a prerequisite for the story of this theme that its leading men have a unique bond with each other. “It is our personal connection that visibly shows on screen,“ says Rishi. Abhishek, on his part, feels that beyond a point, no actor is so good that he can fake great camaraderie with his colleague.“There has to be some genuine love and respect. That ensures their camaraderie goes to the next level. We’re professionals, after all, who land up on set to work together. Even if two actors can’t stand each other’s guts, there should be no way of finding that out. That’s what acting is all about. But when there is a film about relationships, a real-life equation will always show on screen,“ says he.In this family drama, produced by T-Series and Allchemy Film Productions that releases August 21, communication gap takes precedence over the generation gap.Rishi was particularly impressed with Umesh’s modern-day depiction of Shravan Kumar’s folk tale. “This story is no rocket science, but Umesh has intelligently added that value system in a modern set-up. This film tells it all very entertainingly, without preaching. We might be squabbling all through the film, but there is a lovable quality to our repartee. You don’t mind their love-hate relationship because you relate to them, you feel for them,“ says the veteran.

Quiz them if they remember meeting each other in the time when Abhishek’s father (Amitabh Bachchan) used to work with Rishiji, the actor recounts the time when Shweta and Abhishek, who were knee-high came on the set of Amar Akbar Anthony. “When I used to go meet Dad on set, and Chintu uncle was around, he would be the youngest on the set. He used to be great fun even then. And to add to it, I was a great fan of his. I remember a lot of him vividly from the set of Ajooba, because in that age, fantasy films grab your attention,“ says Abhishek.

It’s bewildering when the two tell you that their first day of shooting on this film is a certain mourning scene, which had a comic touch. But despite this ominous start, the film’s shooting was a blast, they say . “I would have coffee in his van while he would drink his tea and we would chill together,“ says Junior Bachchan. Ask if he got scolded by Rishi Kapoor while on set (with Rishi vehemently denying that he ever does that), and Abhishek says, “ All we did was gang up and bully Umesh on set. That sweet, accommodating guy was our favourite prey .“


sec_error_bad_signature in Mozilla firefox not opening google gmail sites

I installed windows 10 today. No when I go to websites such as amazon on google I get an error.

‘An error occurred during a connection to Peer’s certificate has an invalid signature. (Error code: sec_error_bad_signature). The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified. Please contact the web site owners to inform them of this problem.’

I have re-installed Firefox but that does not cure the problem. Am temporarily using Chrome which does not have the bug, I can buy things from amazon and search in google and use my gmail and youtube accounts. Can anyone help me please? Many thanks.

Solution – 
hello, please disable https scaning within avast:

Open the Avast dashboard on the affected system.
Select Settings from the left sidebar menu.
Switch to Active Protection.
Click on Customize next to Web Shield.
Uncheck the “Enable HTTPS Scanning” option and click ok.


Delhivery Courier contact details


Simplifying logistics for E commerce

Cell Phone :-+91 970283 6068.

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Sector 44
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India +91 (11) 30017669
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